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Thread: Alcos to White Pass

  1. Default Alcos to White Pass

    Alcos to White Pass

    Read this and other stories by Glen Brewer at
    Railroad Glory Days
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    Glen Brewer

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    I love your last remarks, Glenn, that the gold rush is finally here for the White Pass. So true and your photos show it well. A great feel for the ride and country. Nice job..I vote approaval.

    Martin Burwash (Whose grandfather and great uncle ran the mail during the Klondike days helping to establish Burwash Landing, Yukon Territory.)

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    Thanks Martin,

    And I appreciate the quick review. I have been wondering if anyone was even looking for new submissions.

    There must have been some very interesting stories from your grandfather and great uncle. Did any of them get passed down to you?

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    Glen Brewer

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    I agree with Martin, nice job Glen!

    The text was interesting, to the point, and covered the details of the WP&YR's history that matters. The photos did a good job covering the operation without having too many of the usual photos you see of the area (not that any of the usual locations are bad, they're awesome, but if that was all that was included I would have been less thrilled).

    Bottom line, I vote for approval!

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    Sadly Glen, I never knew my Grandpa Burwash. He died when I was very small. Grandma B out lived him by 30 years or more. Grandma did tell me that my grandfather, Bill Burwash knew Soapy Smith and got along with him quite well. Soapy and his thugs thought nothing of terrorizing the murdering the greenhorns flooding to the Klondike, but knew better than to mess with the US/Canadian mail being carried by the two Burwashes. In as much as Soapy needed the mail to keep his rackets going and the money flowing, Grandma thought that he even had thugs watching over my grandfather and his brother.

    No essays from me for a bit...just too busy on the farm.


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    Wow!! Another really nice essay! A big 'YES' from me. It's really great to see some new views of this great little railroad. I really like the long shot of the GE shovel noses with their train strung out along the side of the mountain.

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    Great essay, nicely done. I also give it a huge thumbs up, you've got some very nice photos there, and the narration is great.

    Thanks for submitting!
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Quote Originally Posted by gbrewer View Post
    I have been wondering if anyone was even looking for new submissions.
    We're always looking for submissions, it's just that after a while I get tired of begging and pleading and beating people up to try and get them to post essays. I figure if every time you come here all you read is Bob whining about "we need more essays!" you'll get tired of it.

    So I try and only beg once in a while, in the hope of being less annoying.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    SDP45 Guest


    The pictures are captivating!!

    Your essay gave me this sense of urgency to go out and visit the place for myself.

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    I have been trying to spread the word both of my new essay and of your Railrod Photo Essays site. Is it helping very much?


    Excellent, since it started out as a travel story -- then modified for railfans, that was exactly the original idea.

    Glen Brewer

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