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Thread: Brakie, what the hell keeps you...

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    misko Guest

    Default Brakie, what the hell keeps you...

    Railroader's day is composed of many little moments; some are insignificant, others can change the day...

    A story from Ljubljana Zalog drill yard

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    greenthumb Guest

    Default The Kennedy get my nod...

    Misko ~

    First off, I find the image extraordinary. Excellent lines and tones, combined with the odd position of the crew adds a human and humorous element to an otherwise geometrical study. The curves of the foreground switches also soften the other strong lines and angles.

    Your text reads smoothly, telling the story of the image, adding to the drama of the moment, without boring me with details. I enjoy your personalization of the locomotive, "a Kennedy".

    As far as being critical, the image shows a possible over sharpening in some of the overhead gear, but isn't evident throughout, at least on my monitor. Apart from that, I think you have presented a superb image with a fine supporting text to tell the story behind the photograph.

    I vote for acceptance of this essay.

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    ahockley Guest


    Good job at catching one of those moments of railroading when many folks would just sit impatiently, wondering and waiting for the train to move so they could take their photo. Instead you captured the waiting, perfectly at a moment with the crew in an unusual pose.

    It's an excellent photograph, with the lines of the track and wires working well. The text does a great job of telling the facts behind the situation as well as conveying the (perceived) emotions of the crew. The title is a perfect fit.

    I find it hard to come up with a critical comment.

    My vote is approval as submitted.

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    FoamersNW Guest

    Thumbs up

    The Review:

    Article:As Misko has proven previously both lately, and on his RRF posts that its is truly the blue ribbon standard of placing the reader right there. There are some syntax and formatting issues, but again I suspect that English may not be your first language, nonetheless its not overly distracting. I did notice on the sentence that starts;

    Until he reaches (the)

    Its looks like the word "the" may be missing.

    Spectacular. I believe B&W definately works here. The light and shadow are well balanced to show proper detail. The photo is well set up, framing the engine as the main motive of the photo. The photo is as comical as its poigniant. The framing of the signal on the left, and the wires on the right work well placing the motive off center right just slightly, but the rails from below lead the eyes right to the main subject. The wires are a nice touch to lead the eye down in the shot as well. Im not used to shooting overhead wires - not too many electric lines on the Seattle Sub.

    Well laid out. It looks like its set up for publication, or has or will be submitted for such?

    Overall impression:
    Good to go for upload.

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