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Thread: Remembering the 'Ror'n' Elgin

  1. Default Remembering the 'Ror'n' Elgin

    'Ror'n' Elgin

    Remembering the 'Ror'n' Elgin

    Read this and other stories by Glen Brewer at

    Railroad Glory Days

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    A great essay with just a few little bugs in the html. I look forward to seeing the whole thing when they are worked out, and the pictures are back where they belong.
    Chris Crook

    pictures and yap

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    I guess I'll quit waiting for this essay to work its way into the "review" section and post my thoughts here. What a neat slice of Americana and nostalgia all in one package. It most definitely has the mood and feel of Chicago in another era. Formatting issues aside, I give this essay a thumbs up and hope that those in charge of this site get it moving along so others can enjoy it.

    Martin Burwash

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    Not a lot of photos but lots of great info! Thankfully someone was paying attention at the time and got some shots. The classic b&w really makes it timeless. I have the only electric operation still running within range of me, and I take photos of it every chance I get.

    I like it. Thumbs up!

    Kent in SD
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    Excellent essay, and lots of well written and informative text. Often folks tend to let the photso do all the work, going with minimal captions. This one has some solid text to go along with the great photos, and it's a nice combination.

    I vote for approval, and that makes enough votes to ship it.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    PS - I've fixed (I hope) some html format issues. If it no longer looks the way you intended it to, please let me know and we can edit it back to what it was. I am guessing the line breaks were not intentional.
    Bob Harbison
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    So different an essay and too
    suburban electric operation; something
    often either not seen by many nor
    recorded. So few such "old" systems

    Interurban operations are very few,
    although newer "streetcar" for lack
    of a better term systems are being
    constructed more and more even
    as we speak.

    And electric freight motors, so typical
    of such operations. And too, sadly the entire
    railway industry has changed. Suspect the
    railway cars of these days would tax the
    hauling ability of said freight motors!

    Bryce Lee

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    Great photos of a fascinating era of railroading. Well done and well written. This story was repeated in 1963 when the North Shore quit operations between Chicago and Milwaukee. Fortunately, a lot of equipment from both of these lines survives today.

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    Thanks to all who read my story and especially to all who commented. It really is good to get some feedback!

    Bob, I don't know what you changed in the html, but it looks fine.

    Jon, maybe I'll submit a Nothshore story too.


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    Duplicate image for essay promo.
    Bob Harbison
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