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    Just a couple shots from the test runs of the CSRR 7470 0-6-0 steamer... it has been worked on for 4 years leading up to a test a couple weeks back... some tweaking and then here are the first runs to Conway and back from the North Conway Station.

    Picture one was taken with the Canon 5D and Tamron 17-35mm and high saturation added to create its "postcard-like" effect. Picture two was taken with the Canon 1D Mark II and 100-400L and normally processed.

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    Robert - another sleeper! People seem to be missing a lot of fine photographs in the section. I like both of these for different reasons.

    The first shot would be perfect for an article on steam tourist railways, a nice bit of human interest with an emphasis on the locomotive.

    The second is very nice for a steam fan ( like myself ). I like the compression and lighting.

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