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Thread: "Lucky 13" @ the Albany Port Railroad

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    Orgnoi1 Guest

    Default "Lucky 13" @ the Albany Port Railroad

    Switcher sitting for the next call to duty in the port.

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    Nice composition, though I'd like to see less shadow and more of the engine and grain elevators with light on them. That's just me though, I'm sure you find some that will be happy to suggest otherwise.
    Dan Schwanz
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    Orgnoi1 Guest


    I will go back with this and see what I can pull off in PS... when I took this originally I was barely using Adobe... just JASC PSP8... so there is a possibility of raising up the shadows now that I am comfortable with the PS Shadows and Highlights tool...

    Thanks... =)

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    ahockley Guest


    The other option would be to take the photo with a better sun angle...

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    Orgnoi1 Guest


    LOL I shoot for the moment... because I dont just shoot railroads I usually just do it when the time is available... =) But you are 100% correct...=)

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