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    Default 70 miles per hour

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    Reviewers comments:

    Photo - the photo works for me despite some unconventional lighting. The composition is good with pole lines becoming part of the scene rather than a distraction, and details are sharp (dew on the foliage coming to mind).

    Text - I found the text enjoyable despite a few missing words. The text is a great match for the photo, accurately describing the lighting and details shown in the accompanying picture.

    I vote to approve as submitted.

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    The lighting of this image is wonderful. You have created a near silhouette, with just enough light on the side of the train to give it shape, and just enough light on the nose of the locomotive to hint at the paint scheme.

    The light also also creates the leading lines in the image. The rails and the wires all work to help bring my eye back into the picture to explore the shape of the locomotive and the hints of detail.

    I also very much like the use of rebate (real or simulated) to create a rough edged frame to the image. While I can find this distracting at times, and over-used by some photographers that I know, it suits this image very well.

    The text could use a couple of very minor edits, but your grasp of English is far better than my grasp of your native language ever will be, so I wouldn't worry about this.

    I recommend that we accept this essay.

    Thank you for your submission.
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    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    Once again Misko excels at capturing the mood. A strongly backlit photo that probably wouldn't work if it wasn't for the glow of the sun on the rails. The headlight adds another bright spot, and together they draw your eye into the train. The train is just side lit enough to clearly make it out.

    The text is interesting and tells the story well. He captures the feeling of the moment, and tells you much more than you'd every know by just looking at the photo. There are a few very minor flaws, but considering that Misko does not speak English as his native langauge, they are easily overlooked, and may even add a bit of character.

    While it is rare that a single photo and text can be combined to make a photo essay, in this case he's done a great job of it.

    I vote for approval.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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