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Thread: Out of the Mist

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    OK - after weeks of laborious revision ( not ) I'm resubmitting "Out of the Mist". I've just been way to busy and only in the past week have had time to sit down with this again.

    Comment away!
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    Mike Guest


    I like it a lot. Good pictures and well-written captions to go with them. My only complaint is that they're very large. I don't think my monitor is particularly tiny, but I can't view the entire image without scrolling all over the place (both up and down and right to left).

    I also noticed you labeled the signal aspect in #3 as "red over green" when it is clearly green over red.

    It'd be nice to see those issues fixed, but even without that I think it's plenty good enough for approval.

    EDIT: I just realized you say these are out of order, but I don't see what order they're supposed to be in. That aspect seems fine to me.

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    This is great! Just like the pages out of a high end book. A pleasure to view Jon...nice work. Let's get this one topside.

    Martin Burwash

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    I really don't like the gradient pattern in the background. It distracts from the wonderfull images, makes the text harder to read, and it generally cheesy. I much prefer the cleaner design of the previous incarnation.
    Chris Crook

    pictures and yap

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    Thanks for the comments! I'll fix the size issue - what size would you all prefer? Red over Green / Green over Red - details, details ( thank's for catching that Mike ). I understand Chris's comment about gradient but I think I'll keep it the way it is - it's "misty" - just the graphic designer in me talking.

    Thanks - Jon
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    Stay with the gray background. I'm with you, adds to the mood.

    Martin Burwash

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Burwash
    Stay with the gray background. I'm with you, adds to the mood.

    Martin Burwash
    I like it too, it does add to the mood. However, I'd suggest trying the text a bit darker and see if that helps with the legibility. I like the gradient, and think it should stay, but it would be nice if the text stood out a bit more. If not, it's OK the way it is.

    As for the rest of the essay, I really like it, it does a great job of capturing that foggy winter look we have around here.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Ok - I've darkened the text, reduced the size to 1500 wide ( when I go smaller it just doesn't look right on my screen ), fixed typo's, and generally fixed everything that folks have commented on so far. I've left the backgrounds as is 'cause I like it.
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    greenthumb Guest

    Default Aye

    I give this one the approval nod... another fine presentation Jon.

    ~ jeff

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    ahockley Guest


    OK I've replaced the images in Jon's original post with the revised set, in correct order (I think). Jon, could you review that things look correct, give us the highball since by my count we've got three "aye" votes.

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