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Thread: My First Fan-trip

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    Yes, times have changed very much since I was a kid. I visited steam roundhouses in several places on several railroads, and I don't ever remember being asked to leave except for Durand, MI where I had to ask permission (you couldn't just walk in to that place) and was denied. The man suggested that I could climb all over the dead engines slated for scrap.

    On a few later Q steam trips (especially a winter one to Ottawa with 4960), I do remember guys in top coats and fedoras riding the engine presumably to keep fans at arm's length.
    Glen Brewer

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    In the old Galesburg yard, we had a couple special agents. They would not allow any non railroad employee on property without permission. If you were "caught" by them, they would tell you to leave. The reason it seems like the railroads were not to concerned about people on property is because you didn't run into the right authorities. The special events were the exception to the rule, but it's always been viewed as trespassing. Today, if they catch you on property without the authority, you will be arrested, cuffed and processed at the local PD. There are also many remote cameras on property monitered 24/7. When I road with my dad on one of his local runs, about 1960, he had to obtain permission from the Division Supt. in Chicago.

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