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Thread: Revisiting the Gorge with Dave

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    Default Revisiting the Gorge with Dave

    Yesterday I got a wild idea to hit the Gorge with my new body and take along a long time foamer friend Dave who had lost interest in shooting the Columbia River area. The forecast looked good but the day started out with a heavy marine layer and "spritz" that lovely weather phenomena of the Northwest.
    Heading east through the city we caught up with the first train of the day a monster stack train with a long string of vehicle cars tacked on the front snaking under I205 in east Portland. Using the freeway we jumped ahead to Ainsworth for the first shot of the day still under heavy overcast.

    Dave giving a friendly wave.

    Cascade Locks, Dave is frustrated most of the shots that used to work for him are obstructed by vegetation. Hints of blue sky are starting to peak through the overcast.

    Seeing that he is taking his time we jump ahead to Weyeth where we spot a Canadian family listening to the rails waiting for the train to come. Yeah the first shot with the sun breaking through.

    Now our friend has picked up some speed and we are too late at Westcliff Drive park and only get this.

    Venturing east we set up for our last shot after our oversized friend holds the main and the length of the siding at Mosier to meet a westbound we could not get a shot of on the road. Dave took me to this vantage point at Rowena that was new to me.

    Cruising through The Dalles we finally spot some BNSF action across the river. A empty grainer is in the hole at North Dalles. We set up at the Port's Overpass for a mountain shot but first this auto rack train blazes west.

    Mt. Hood with polarizer.

    Heading east we see a southbound Oregon Trunk train waiting at west Wishram. We tried to grab lunch at Biggs but waived off when we saw the line at the Subway and heard the dispatcher issuing a warrant for the OT. Before he crawled up we got buzzed by a short UP westbound manifest.

    Finally across the river we see the train Dave was hoping to catch a loaded coal train.

    Cemetery west of Stevenson.

    Making the best of getting caught behind a train in the siding. Eastbound manifest.

    Overpass at Bonneville.

    Last wedgie of the day. Stopped by the Depot in Vancouver to see who was there, pretty quiet just lots of Amtrak passengers for the friday afternoon rush. Dave is re-inspired! Hope to see new stuff from him now.
    Paul August 2009
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    paul@mwr Guest


    Very nicely done, Paul. I recommend approval. My only request would be to put a space between the photo and the text and photo which is not related as that could be confusing for those who aren't from the area.

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    Fine photos, a nice commentary, and what appeared to be a great rail fanning day. I vote to post too.
    Get Out There and Shoot!

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    I really am tempted to vote "No" on this one, Paul. I mean here is an essay that shows just how much fun a day of railfanning can be, all the while with my wonderful occupation I have to railfan vicariously through the efforts of people like, Paul. It's the jealousy factor here.

    Oh well, mustn't blame the world for my bad career choice. A person not familiar with the Gorge can really get an idea of the changes west-east in vegitation and land forms thanks to your choice of photos. The text really does give a sense of a couple of guys out having some fun along the tracks.

    Good work, I vote "Yes."

    Martin Burwash

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    Thanks Martin, I grew up on the farm so I understand when the sun shines you make hay. Unlike my city life, when the sun shines and I am not working or otherwise I shoot trains.
    It was great seeing Dave get back into the hang of things again. He kind of lost his passion after so many years and all the old stuff(power) has been parked or chopped up.
    But who would of thought a Dash 8 standard cab would be memory just a couple of years ago.

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    Nice pics, great selection.

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    Great pictures Paul. I believe the next to the last one has a format problem in the text, however.

    Glen Brewer

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    Thanks for the kind words guys, I fixed my VB error for the second to last picture had one of the brackets facing the wrong way.

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