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Thread: Day & Night / Between Old Times and a New Era

  1. Default Day & Night / Between Old Times and a New Era

    Day & Night, snapshots of Columbus Union Station.

    I hope that I'm doing this the right way guys. This was created using Acrobat and I've had some lengthy trial and error work while doing it. I think the images will show up properly but I have noticed some resolution and shadow blocking problems.

    Files are numbered in sequential order.

    I look forward to your comments.
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    misko Guest


    It is marvelous photo-essay, done in the best tradition of the photojournalism. The quality of this gem is absolute match to those Crème de la Crème photo-essays I remember so well in the Trains Magazine of 60s and 70s when Dick Steinheimer and other great stars of railroad photography were reigning there, as well as to those that were appearing on the pages of (original) LIFE Magazine.

    I will return back to it in more detail as soon as I'll have some more time to write additional comments; for now I'll just say - don't keep it away from public view any minute longer!

    Regarding technical matter discussed above: While I didn't have any problems opening PDFs, I'd suggest not only to Jon but to all who want to retain absolute control of their essays, including the layout design, to post it in JPG format. This will not only eliminate the problems which some of the members have with PDFs, but the thumbnails will certainly attract viewers to open and see such a good piece of work in full size, something I cannot say for the soulless and unattractive links... Perhaps HTML is also the option; I cannot say as I didn't try it yet, but - if nothing else - it demands additional work from Bob. So far JPGs turned out to be the best solution for me.

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    ahockley Guest


    I finally got time to go through all of the essay, and my first reaction is "Wow". I had high expectations when seeing who this was from and my expectations were exceeded. The photography is excellent... what struck me most was the ability at accurately capture the photos using the (limited) available light in the depths and shadows of the station.

    The text is well-written and conveys the "story" behind the photos, specifically the ongoing changes in service levels and operations during the decline in service at this station. Overall this is an excellent piece and I recommend approval.

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    Thumbs up


    The first thing that hit me about this essay, even before I had a chance to read the text or study the images, is the design. You have created a visual design theme, which works to build upon the theme of the topic and photographs in the essay. Your use of varying tones for the backgrounds, each selected to enhance the intent of the image, is definitely noteworthy.

    The Text

    Your text does a very good job of allowing us to visualize the stage upon which your photographs were set - each image representing a separate act or scene on that stage. Each caption is carefully worded to tell us not only what is in the image, but what the image represents, and what part of the story it tells.

    I will admit that there are a few punctuation changes that I would suggest in the text, but there are really only two things regarding the text that are worth comment, and both are minor. First, you use the nickname "puzzle switches" a number of times, but at no point do you use the correct term "double-slip switch". I would prefer it if that the correct term was used the first time, along with the nickname. From then on, the nickname would suffice. Second, on page 6, I think that you meant "heeded", not "headed". (I told you they were minor.)

    The Images

    You have done an exceptional job controlling light, shadow, and contrast. You have resisted the urge to show all of the detail, deciding instead to give us just enough detail to know what we are viewing, but still leaving us the opportunity to use our imagination. Allowing us viewers to use our imagination means that we can each interpret the scene in our own ways, which adds to the connection that we can each form with the photographs.

    Most of your images in this essay include the presence of a person. This alone could be worthy of comment, but in addition to this I believe that you have managed to show a different aspect of humanity in each of your images, even those without a human. For this you should be commended.

    While there are aspects of different images that stand out, there is no one image that stands out either above or below the others. Instead, each image brings its own strength to the essay. This creates a very strong overall effect, and a very good balance.


    What you have presented to us is definitely something that could be a small chapter in a book, the basis for a larger chapter, or a photo essay in either a heritage or railroad themed magazine.

    As I'm sure you can tell from what I have written here that there is no question in my mind that this essay should be accepted for display. I, and many of our members, will enjoy viewing this essay time and again.

    Thank you very much for your submission.
    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    Mike Guest


    What a great essay. The photos are all top-notch. And the text does a superb job of setting just the right mood to make the reader become emotionally attached to the station, passenger rail, and the Penn Central, and regret their sad and inevitable demise.

    I do think it would be a disservice to Jon to display this publicly before the technical issues are worked out. The multiple attachments make it a hassle to read through it. If not for my new position as a reviewer, I might not have read it at all. And I suspect that a lot of newcomers to the site will pass over it in its current form.

    Once that's worked out, though, I think this essay will set the standard for what essays should strive to be.

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    Thanks for the kind words! I've been hanging on to these shots ( and more ) for over 30 years and just never knew what to do with them. Thanks for providing a stage to present them on.

    I posted the jpegs earlier today - maybe I put them in the wrong bin. I just submitted them as an essay in the "in box".

    Oh by the way - puzzle switch is 'railroad' for double slip switch. They also call a three way switch a lap switch.

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    Obviously this is a photo essay in the truest sense. The text and photos blend well to give the viewer a complete package.

    My only issue has nothing to do with Jon's work. This essay certainly points out the limitations of trying to present a ture photo essay on the internet. This piece screams for a seamless presentation you can only get in printed form.

    If you haven't already, contact Jim Wrinn at TRAINS magazize immediately...this piece would see print in udner a year...I'd be willing to put money on it.

    Martin Burwash

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    I'm overwhelmed! I never thought that I would receive so much support for this piece.

    How would I get in touch with Jim Wrinn? I've really never had much success with submissions to Trains.


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    This essay was delayed for quite a while due to technical issues with the pdf files that were originally submitted. You'll see a couple of mentions of them in the review, please disregard those.

    They've been replaced with jpegs, and the essay has passed with flying colors.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Oct 2005
    durham, sc


    Great job Jon, I echo everyoneís comments regarding the quality of the photographs and the text, plus the way you blend them together. I'm always a fan of the 'retro' railroad photograph and these certainly are. Well, maybe not to you, but to the 16-year-old, they are. They arenít the typical 'here goes an SD45 in 1970' type of retro photos, but they are excellent photographs in their own right even if you took away the retro side of them.

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