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Thread: Is this any way to run a railroad museum?

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    Excellent addition Glen... So much of what the museum is, is Bob and his efforts over the years to collect and preserve. It is fitting to end your essay with him on the rear platform of the (his) caboose.

    Thanks for making the effort to add this photograph to your piece.

    ~ jeff

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    I attempted to add several photos, and discovered that I had exceeded the maximum size for a contribution (50,000 characters). Therefore I had to delete about the same number of photos that I added. Anyway, here is the conductor's cap and the new roundhouse restoration facility as suggested.
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    Glen Brewer

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    What a neat operation out there. I like that green boiler jacket on the 346. Thanks for sharing Glen.
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    Interesting that you think so -- there are lots of D&RGW purest out there who would disagree, even though there is some precedent.

    Bob Richardson painted it that way shortly after he acquired it, and nobody knows how it was painted when new. In more modern times, the D&RGW did use a darker green on some (usually passenger) engines.
    Glen Brewer

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    Duplicate image for promo.
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  6. Default A second look

    Four years ago, I interviewed the Colorado Railroad Museum's then new Executive Director, Donald Tallman for this article. We talked about his visions for the museum.

    Two days ago, I was given the opportunity to visit again with Donald and learn how things have progressed and what is in the future for the museum.

    Here is my update:
    Is this any way to run a railroad museum? A second look

    Glen Brewer
    Railroad Glory Days
    Glen Brewer

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