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Thread: In search of the eponymous Brewer, Illinois

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    I suggested this a long time ago, but no discussion ensued. See
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    Glen Brewer

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    Pretty cool essay. I vote to post.
    Chris Crook

    pictures and yap

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    Default Feelings mean something too.

    Once again Mr. Brewer tickles my historical fancy.

    I can almost reach out and touch the grain and roughness of the wood
    in the structures. And black and white forces us to do this, unlike colour
    which sort of describes the feeling of the material.

    The essay is good, the feeling of times then versus times now.

    Nicely produced and printed/scanned negatives.

    A good read of what was then and is no more.

    Bryce lee

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    Duplicate image for blog promo
    Bob Harbison
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  5. Default Historical photo added

    Some time ago, Rick Schroeder of the C&EI Historical Society, sent me a photo of the same building taken probably around 1900. I just thought to add it here -- with his approval, of course.

    Thanks Rick.

    Glen Brewer

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