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Thread: How I became a lifelong railfan

  1. Default How I became a lifelong railfan

    How I became a lifelong railfan

    How I became a lifelong railfan

    Read this and other stories by Glen Brewer at

    Railroad Glory Days

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    Glen Brewer

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    Two23 Guest


    I really liked this! It's not the sort of thing I get to read very often. There is a magazine out called "Reminicse" (or something like that, I think it's put out by the Country Magazine people.) I think they might buy this one from you. The photos were great and the story line was held my interest all the way through. Perfect as is! An easy thumbs' up.

    I too love the old steam tractors and go to a few threshing meets in the summer. When I had just married my wife in 1985 (or was it 1986?) we lived in Kansas and I traveled the state. While in Dodge City I came across a huge steam tractor for sale. I met with the guy and we came up with a price. If I had still been single I would have bought it on the spot, but I knew I had to call my wife. I told her I found an old tractor I wanted to buy and asked if that was OK. She said it would be, and I could get her dad to help pick it up with his machine trailer. She was obviously thinking I'd found a small John Deere gas model. I told her this one would probably need a flatbed semi trailer. She paused and asked exactly what the thing was. When I told her, her "wife instinct" immediately kicked in and she nixed it. Dang. It was perfectly restored and the guy would sell it to me for $18,000. That would have been the deal of a lifetime! I still look at them longingly. I could get one yet, you never know.

    Kent in SD

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    Yep, this one is a jewel. I too would think "Country" or one of their off shoots would be interested in this piece. Reimen Publications if memory serves. (I've had a by-line or two in the main mag.."Farm and Ranch Living".)

    Anyways...a definite thumbs-up as is.

    Martin Burwash

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    Mike Guest


    It's a great story, with great old pictures. I think it's a perfect example of human interest. Post it.

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    Very well done. This essay took me back to my own experiences as a young railfan. I like the use of family photos to illustrate this piece. Your father would have been a very capable rail photographer had he gotten the 'bug'. Please post!

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    With four thumbs up, this has been posted. I should note that the thread has been renamed to match the essay title, with the approval of the author.
    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    Thanks to all who have commented.

    Kent, I took your advice and submitted it to "Reminisce". I read their writer's guidelines, but saw nothing about payment. Do you know if they pay?

    Reminisce is indeed a part of Reiman Publications. "Country" is too, but they do not show a writer's guidelines online. Martin, do they pay? I did note the featured story on the web is "Last Steam Train to Cheyenne" by the editor himself. He concludes his story with, "I was never a train guy. But I am now."

    Glen Brewer

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    Duplicate image for posting in the essays index.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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