The ex DRGW now UP Cane Creek Subdivision (Potash Branch) runs through exceptional scenary in Utahs Moab canyon area. The branch leaves the Green River Subdivision at Brendal, UT (mp 533.8) and runs some 35.8 miles to the potash mine at Potash, UT, passing within several 100 yards of the entrance to Arch's National Park.

The local has kept to the same one a week, Friday's only schedule for years, leaving Grand Junction during the morning. Typically, the train will arrive at Brendal around midday, and setout a tank car or two at Brendal itself. After servicing Brendal, its south to Canyon Country to service the potash mine, and provides an easy albeit midday chase. Despite the midday sun, good angles can be had, particulary during the Sept through April lower sun seasons. The train runs at 30mph for the first 21 or so miles to Seven Mile, then slows to 10mph for the steep downgrade into Moab and through the over 1 mile Bootlegger Tunnel, providing just enough time to shoot the train as it descends towards the tunnel and again after a 10 mile drive along the Colorado to Emkay.

Once at Potash, the train sets out its empties and picks up loads, and returns northbound to Brendel. Typically, the train requires less than an hour to set out its empties at the mine, and pick up the loads (usally 6-12 or so cars).

The radio frequency is 160.920.

If in the area, this branch is a must see! Actually, if anywhere in the Western Colorado or Eastern Utah area, this trip is worth the effort, with Arches National Park a must see after the train has left!

The first image (-027) shows the train leaving the Provo Sub at Brendal.

The second image (037) shows the train near the Moab UT airport, as it makes the curve to pass under Utah Highway 191.

The third image (048) shows the train at Seven Mile (mp 21.3) just before the train will slow to 10mph.

The fourth image (059) shows the train against the red rock walls as it descends towards Bootlegger Tunnel.

The fifth image (079) shows the train very close to the end of the 10mph segment along Highway 279, just over 3 miles by rail but a 10 mile drive.

The sixth image (090) shows the train at the same spot as the previous image, along the canyon on the way to the Potash mine.

The seventh image (110) shows the train arriving at Potash UT where it will set out its empties and pick up the loads. BTW, the final scene of movie Thelma and Louise was filmed just further up the road from where this image, where the road is high above the Colorado River.

The eighth image (118) shows the train returning north, with the Colorado River in the foreground.

The ninth image (130) shows the steep canyon walls carved by the Colorado River

The 10th image (142) shows yet another scene with canyon walls, just prior to where the rails depart highway 279.