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Thread: RGS Goose No5

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    Default RGS Goose No5

    RGS Goose No.5

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    Silverton to Durango on Rio Grande Southern Goose No.5
    Story and Photos by Samuel E Howard

    Under a blue sky, the Durango Silverton Charter bus arrives in Silverton at 8:30 for a fun-filled day aboard the Galloping Goose.

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    The Pierce Arrow engine comes alive with an all aboard. We have to arrive at Needleton Siding by 10:30 AM to meet two Silverton trains and maybe additional photo-stops too.

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    Galloping Goose No.5 runs pretty smooth for a 75-year-old machine. The Galloping Goose Historical Society runs and operates this engine. It was moved from Dolores, Colorado; location of the Galloping Goose Historical Society in the Rio Grande Southern Dolores Depot. This society sponsors charters on the Cumbres and Toltec in June, and usually the Durango and Silverton Railroad in August during Railfest.

    We arrive at the first photo-stop MP485.5. It is the site of a big slide that closed the Durango Silverton for a week in July.
    This slide was so big that it changed the flow of the Animas River-INCREDIBLE!

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    We were on hold at Needleton Siding for two Silverton trains. We have lots of time to explore and take pictures while waiting.

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    The first Silverton train comes into view on time.
    The second Silverton train was late because of engine problems in Durango. They put a K-28 478 on as the road engine. It was a surprise seeing a K-28 pulling this train. Usually the road engines are K-36 480 during busy summer trains.

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    Finally we start moving again. The next photo-shoot was the steel truss bridge at Tefft. Clouds move in with a light drizzle on and off. However, I did obtain a good shoot.

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    We proceed to the next photo-shoot at High Bridge with no trains to worry about. This is one of the best sites on the railroad for photo-shoots. The No.5 shows her stuff on the High Bridge.

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    The Highline is one of the most incredible places on the railroad and makes you go WOW! It also makes No.5 look very small.

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    We arrive at Rockwood around 1:30 PM and took a break.The crew performs minor activities like checking the oil and brakes, and making minor adjustments before proceeding to Durango.

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    Some passengers ask for a static photo-stop at Hermosa.The crew consents since we were ahead of schedule.

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    We roll into Durango a little after 3:00 and parked in front of the Durango Depot

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    It was like going back in time when passengers like us arrived in Durango or prepare to go to places like Dolores,Rico,Telluride or Ridgeway on the Rio grande Southern.
    If you have not rode the Galloping Goose it's worth every mile.
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    Samuel E Howard
    Where The Art Of Railroad Photography Comes Alive

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    Generally, I like this essay. I think that a couple of shots could be edited out - likt the blurred shot of the K36 at Needleton and the second shot of the K28 at the same location. The first shot of the K28 coming around the corner with that stretch of zig zags ahead is one of the best in the group. There are also some grammar problems that should be ironed out before I vote to post.

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    Bear in mind folks, this one is being done in the "official" manner, where we make the comments, then return the essay to the member.

    Since he's not a mod, he can't see the replies or do any editing right now.

    So you do need to vote one way or the other. It may help to say something like "edits needed" rather than simply "reject", and I suspect that would be a good way to phrase it.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Overall I like the essay. There are some really nice photos here.

    However, like Jon I think we can eliminate a few and still have a good story. I think you could easily remove 2 or 3 shots. The goal here is to present only your best work.

    A couple of places you've got "sequences", for example showing the goose approaching. Those work well in slideshows, but in my opinion they're not a good in print, which is pretty much what this essay is.

    I'm pretty sure I'll vote to approve this one eventually, but for now I'd like to see a bit of editing first.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Like Bob, I'm sure that this essay will get accepted once it has had a bit mroe work done on it. I, too, think that the sequences need to be removed, and only the best of each sequnce should be included.

    I'm not going to comment in depth on the images right now, as I don't have the time, but the colour balance of the one image at Hermosa (close-up of side with water tower) definately needs some work as it stands out from all the others.

    In addition, I am not at all comfortable with the changing tenses used in the text. Parts are written as active present tense, while others are past tense. I am not suggesting one is better than the other, as they both have their place. Rather, I am saying it is best to select one tense and stick to it throughout. (Active present tense is "we are doing this", while past tense is "we did this." They don't mix well.)

    From a design point of view, I think that it would be better to have some larger or bold text for the title, and perhaps some more space between the essay itself and the subtitle and author's name. Finally, though nit-picky, I don't think the centred lead photo fits well with the balance being on the left.

    I would like to thank Samuel for submitting this essay. There are some very good images, and the makings of an interesting story. However, I suggest that we send this essay for revision, as I think it can be much better with a little more work.
    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    I think that makes three votes for revision, so I am moving this into the revision section so Samuel can review our comments.
    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    Bear in mind that since this is his first essay, he may be struggling with getting the formatting the way he wants it. i.e. It's totally possible that the first image wasn't intentionally centered etc.

    VB formatting can do weird things at times.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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    Thanks for all the comments.
    I will start on a revision this weekend. Being I am new to this all the comments
    will come in handy.
    When I do my revisions do I do them on this essay or start a new one?

    Samuel E Howard
    Where The Art Of Railroad Photography Comes Alive

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    Rather than recreating a new version of this, feel free to revise this essay where it sits. Then just add a post letting us know you've worked on it. The review panel will be happy to edit our comments or add further updates if and when things change. Of course, if you need any help along the way, just add a post asking. Someone will read it and try to help.

    All the best,
    Rob Scrimgeour
    Victoria, BC

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    Just so it's clear to everyone, this topic is a bit unusual.

    Only two groups of people can see posts here, the moderators, and the person who started the thread. So the reviewers can see this discussion, as can Samuel, but not the rest of the members.

    As Rob said, feel free to edit this one. Also feel free to ask for help, suggestions, ideas, comments etc. This isn't a test, you don't have to do it without any help from us. So if you're unclear, or need help, ask away.

    The goal here is to help you get the essay approved.
    Bob Harbison
    RailroadPhotoEssays host

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