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  1. Steam Heroes
  2. Brooklyn, Without Time:
  3. Braking without air....... by whistle.
  4. The End of an Era
  5. Remembering the 'Ror'n' Elgin
  6. Rebirth of a Historic Colorado Narrow Gauge Engine
  7. Riding the Electroliner
  8. Royal Gorge Route
  9. The Ghosts of Wellington
  10. End of an Eastside tradition
  11. Molecular Railfanning
  12. Alcos to White Pass
  13. RGS Goose No5
  14. Iron horses put out to pasture
  15. In search of the eponymous Brewer, Illinois
  16. Steam in the Piney Woods
  17. Milwaukee Road's Columbia River Bridge
  18. Boxcab Daze
  19. That other narrow gauge
  20. Is this any way to run a railroad museum?
  21. The Challenger Challenge
  22. Good bye to the Milwaukee in Othello
  23. Decatur
  24. D&RGW narrow gauge in the twilight years
  25. D&RGW narrow gauge in the twilight years -- Part II
  26. My First Fan-trip
  27. The Pilgrimage