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  1. Victims of the Pass
  2. In the golden moment of the day
  3. About a mile
  4. Wet & late
  5. Pride of the Fleet
  6. In The Shadows
  7. King over the Palouse
  8. When the Car Door Closes
  9. C&O Independence
  10. Just Another Sunrise in Idaho
  11. Plains, Trestles and a Tunnel. The P&W harbor turn in Daylight!
  12. 70ace in the Badlands
  13. Stampede Hell! Tamed
  14. Riding the Helpers
  15. If at first you don't succeed........
  16. Ahead of Its Time
  17. Riding with a Fisheye
  18. Onions, Scum, and the Dumping Ground
  19. Cane Creek Sub - Potash Branch
  20. CR Gorge with SD14
  21. Doubling Heavies
  22. Typical Winter day in the Gorge
  23. Revisiting the Gorge with Dave