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Iron horses put out to pasture

Scenes from the Piney Woods

Glen Brewer

In my youth, I was already a steam fan, but by the time I had means to explore and photograph, steam was about just about finished in the United States. My first solo trip far from home was to a new job in Houston after I finished my education. Where could still I find steam along the way?

Trains Magazine regularly documented the sad news of the demise of steam operations throughout the nation. One of the last holdouts was the Moscow, Camden & San Augustine in the east Texas “Piney Woods”, but I remembered reading that not long ago they had bought their first diesel, a GE 44 tonner. The steamers were no longer needed…  (more)

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How I became a lifelong railfan

Glen Brewer

A non railfan father’s influence in the making of a young railway enthusiast.

I think most people become railfans because their father or some other close relative or friend is a fan or works in the railroad business. But my father was not a railfan, and I didn’t know anyone who was or who worked in the business either… (more)

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The Wreck of the 8099

Kent in SD

A BNSF manifest from Sioux City was cruising north towards the Willmar MN junction. As it approached Clara City, a major siding location, a southbound grain train pulled into a siding. All except for the last two hoppers anyway. Those apparently picked a point and went sideways on the mainline. The northbound manifest did see the hopper, but it was way too late to stop the train going roughly 25 mph. Hitting the hopper caused the engines to derail. Along with about 80 other cars! Most of these were empty ethanol tankers, which went on their sides in a neat little row…  (more)

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