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More Blueberry Wine

Bryce Lee

Rang my friend Hans a week after we had drained two bottles of blueberry wine. Told him I had exposed both rolls of film from the Exa. “Good” he replied, “Have you thought of my offer for lunch? “Nothing yet, I don’t want to leave Mum (who’d experienced a minor blackout the week before.) I replied. “He rang off… (more)

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Onions, Scum, and the Dumping Ground

Alexander Craghead

A photo essay on the railroad landscape of Walla Walla, Washington…. (more)

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Grandfather’s Watch – Learning the intricacies and the superiority of a railroad watch

Glen Brewer

My grandfather taught me that if one wanted a good timekeeper, a railroad watch was the answer. It was also from him that I learned the mysteries of lever setting a watch.

Grandfather never worked for a railroad, but he carried a railway watch. It was normally at the end of a braided leather strap attached to his bibbed overalls. Grandpa was already old when I first knew him; he was born in 1873 — the son of a Civil War veteran turned Illinois farmer… (more)

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Passenger Trains in the Emerald City


King Street Station in Seattle is the heart of the passenger service in the Emerald City. This is where the journey begins for all passenger trains… (more)

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