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Remembering the ‘Ror’n’ Elgin


For a little boy growing up in Chicago’s western suburb of Villa Park just after the war, the old ‘Ror’n’ Elgin was the main feature of any visit to either of Villa Park’s two downtown districts. Crossing bells were always ringing as the gates went up and down all day long…  (more)

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The Long Way to Lombard

Martin Burwash

Sometimes how you get there is more important than where you are going. Lombard, Montana would be one of those kinds of places.  (more)

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Rifle/Antelope Unit 53A-49


I look forward to a specific date every year. No, it’s not Christmas. It’s not my birthday (not any more, LOL!), not even duck season opener. It’s not even my wedding anniversary with my Long Suffering Wife (LSW.) The date is South Dakota Rifle/Antelope season, the first weekend in October… (more)

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