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Unlimited Ceilings

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Unlimited Ceilings 


Just as a broom can whisk around madly to and fro kicking up dirt, so too can trains on the Norfolk Southern Sandusky district. Upon a first-time casual visit you may need to shield your eyes to keep the debris out, but be careful…an attempt at blindly braving the storm may result in getting caught up in a blustery whirlwind of activity and being blown away… (more)

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Welcome to the Birmingham District, A Visit to Sloss Furnaces  

grande man

In an exploration of Birmingham history, there’s one site that’s a must see, Sloss Furnaces. The Sloss Furnace Company was organized in 1881 by James Withers Sloss.. (more)


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Weeds, Hopper Cars and Road Kill…


The phone rang at 09:02, it was Edmonton crew caller Howard, calling me as a conductor on CN train #550 north to Swan River, Manitoba for 11:00. All night I had been first out on the conductors pool… (more)

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