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Welcome to the Birmingham District, A Visit to Sloss Furnaces  

grande man

In an exploration of Birmingham history, there’s one site that’s a must see, Sloss Furnaces. The Sloss Furnace Company was organized in 1881 by James Withers Sloss.. (more)


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Weeds, Hopper Cars and Road Kill…


The phone rang at 09:02, it was Edmonton crew caller Howard, calling me as a conductor on CN train #550 north to Swan River, Manitoba for 11:00. All night I had been first out on the conductors pool… (more)

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Motor City Midnight

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Motor City Midnight

 M. Ross Valentine

Detroit: an ever-evolving experiment in manufacturing, some successful, some failed, some simply tired and worn out. What many people don’t realize is the vast amount of manufacturing that goes on in South East Michigan….(more)


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Martin Burwash

Dawn can take its time along the Clark Fork. The ground fog lies thick along the river, laying its damp, gray blanket over the landscape. Even after the rising sun crests the eastern mountains, its heat, its light is quickly absorbed by the wet shroud. (more)


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1915 – Dungeness River

Mike Smith

I wasn’t born when the Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific bridged the Dungeness River in Sequim, (pronounced Squim) Washington, at the north end of the Olympic Peninsula. Indeed, neither my parents nor grandparents had been born. Chances are you were not around when this bridge was built, either….(more)

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The Bathurst Street Bridge


When I’m out in the city, there’s one spot that I prefer to all others.
I have the photos to prove it… (more)

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Day & Night / Between Old Times and a New Era

Jon Bentz

Day & Night, snapshots of Columbus Union Station. (more)

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